At KCI we take pride in being a boutique Audio, Video, Lighting, and Staging shop.  We focus all of our efforts on YOUR show.  We arrive up to speed on your event and ready to go to work.  Your show will have our full and undivided attention.  We offer a range of services backed up by a wealth of experience and knowledge, including:

  • Corporate Meetings

  • Expositions

  • Consumer Events

  • Tradeshows

  • Live Video Production

  • Multi-Camera Direction


Across the country, KCI’s strategic supplier partnerships minimize overhead and shipping costs while providing access to state-of-the-art technology, keeping us nimble and more cost effective.


A KCI Project Director will be with you through every step of the production process and will be on site as well to insure every need is met with expertise, experience and insight; while the highly talented KCI Team of Show Technicians will deliver an on site experience of the highest professional, technical and quality standards.

The KCI “team” of show technicians are industry veterans with decades of experience in all types of productions. Moreover, most have worked closely together as a unit for over 15 years giving them a fluidity, efficiency and competency on site that sets a performance standard our clients rely on and trust implicitly. The main show crew on any project will always be members of the KCI Team.


One of our clients once told us that with KCI on a show they don’t worry anymore. That was great to hear and proof to us that we are delivering the level of performance we are striving for. Our consistency is integral to this trust and to building long term relationships. Clients work with the same KCI team over time, show after show, and that builds a solid base of understanding, experience and familiarity between all of us that develops into a deep sense of camaraderie, shared purpose and trust.



As a “boutique” provider clients receive our absolute attention and focus on every project. We build long term relationships with our clients by providing a level of service, quality and project focus our competitors big and small cannot duplicate. The fact that 75% of our clients have been working with us for over 15 years attests to that, and a few have been with us for more than 20 years.




For general inquiries, questions, or comments,

please fill out the following form:

We will respond within the hour.


For information / pricing / quotes:

540 Seminole Woods Blvd.

Geneva, Florida 32732



We understand that “failure is not an option.”  In our business we are only as good as our last show, so we insist on perfect execution. We test our gear before it leaves the shop and again on site, as standard operating procedure. Everything we do before, during, and after your show is aimed at perfection.


We recognize that cost is always a concern and KCI is very cost effective. Our customized video, audio, and lighting systems are designed to be efficient, flexible, integrated solutions at an affordable price--delivered with superior service.



We focus on your “big picture” and setting your show up for success: 

  • We customize our systems to your show’s specific needs. 

  • Every system sets up quickly.

  • Each system is engineered with flexibility to accommodate unanticipated demands and requirements that frequently come up on site. 



"you only get these kinds of results with a lot of experience"
“Over the past 30 years, and 15 biennial conferences, none has received more positive comments on the general session look, as well as the attendee and presenter experience that this one has.  In addition, the breakout sessions have never run more smoothly.  You have put together an impressive group of people that make up your core crew.  Their proficiency at their individual jobs, their ability to also work as a team for shared goals, and their willingness to do whatever is needed to assist the clients is a rare combination of skills.  Then, when they are given the best gear possible to work with, (at the best price for the client) you have an unbeatable formula for success.  Finally, and every bit as important for me, they are a true pleasure to work with. "
"not only were they less expensive, they provided more, and did a better job than anyone else we have ever used"
"we won’t do a show without them"
"they make the client so comfortable that it makes our job easier"


Whether it's across town, or across the country, KCI leverages strategic relationships to minimize shipping costs and expedite delivery and setup.  We go the extra mile to deliver your perfect show.

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